Ultimate Driving Machine


For my third post, I am going to be discussing another BMW, the 2015 M4. This car is a serious monster with a loud battle cry. This M4 has 485hp (60hp more than stock)  and goes 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. It has a very nice twin turbo charged inline-6 engine. This particular model is a hardtop convertible with a dark gray exterior and black interior. It also has spacers for an extra widebody. Inside the car you find the M class steering wheel, seats, stick shift, pedals, etc.


I asked the owner a few questions:

Why an M4?

“Prior to my Porsche, I had a BMW M3 convertible and absolutely loved it. So I wanted to go back to something similar. I liked the idea of a hardtop convertible too.”


Why do you like this better than your 2013 Porsche Carrera 4s?

“When the lease ended, like I said I wanted something convertible and loved my prior M3. I also wanted something more practical. Unlike my Carrera this car can seat four people if I have too. I have more fun driving it, it feels like a muscle car because of the rear wheel drive, which also allows me to do donuts. It is a much more forgiving drive in unfavorable conditions than the Porsche. BMW is great because everything is included in maintenance.”


Special story about the car?

“I ordered this car as a custom european delivery. So for european delivery you actually have to go to the BMW factory in Munich, that was fun because I could see all the cars being built and on the production line. One thing about the M is that you actually have to break the car in, for the first 1000 miles you can’t go over 120mph. So when I got on the autobahn to head to Champagne, France I just set the cruise control at exactly 120. I think I ran out of a full tank of gas in just two hours.”


This car has always been my second favorite BMW (closely behind the M6), and in my top five favorites of all cars. After learning more about it and examining it in detail, I love it even more.



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