Project Overdrive

This week I attended a brand new Santa Barbara car meet, Project Overdrive. I found them purely through them engaging local car enthusiasts. The meet was from 7-10pm on March 1st. The cars that came were probably 90% muscle cars. Almost every one of them were tuned and had aftermarket parts added on. Most of the cars I saw were Dodge Challengers, Ford Mustangs, BMW E90s, Shelby GT500s, etc. The meet had a much bigger turnout than I was expecting, considering it was only their second one. Everyone there was very kind and definitely loved cars.


My personal favorite car that I saw there was a 1967 Ford Mustang GT in a creme color. This color with its big round crystal white headlights created a very beautiful car, then of course its classic body style helped too. This car has a 390ci engine that produces a shocking 320hp, considering it is 1967.


Another fun one was a teal blue 2007 BMW 335i (@e90spencer). This particular model has several subtle aftermarket additions that make it stand out much more than a stock 335i. I am sure that there are much more internal additions for performance too, but I didn’t get a chance to ask the owner about it.


One car I am not usually fond of but really liked the look of at the meet was a 2016 Ford Focus ST. I usually don’t like the look of this car, but this owner did a really nice job on the colorway and aftermarket parts to make it look great. I love the tint he did on the lights, emblem color change, rear spoiler, and the general colorway choice. This car also had spacers for extra wide body, and seemed lower to the ground than a normal one.


I am really impressed at how organized and how many local car enthusiasts showed up to this meet, just through pure social media and word of mouth. The environment is fun and lively, and you get to see a bunch of very loud and interesting cars. Overall I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone interested in custom sports cars. For any questions about the cars or meet, please message me!


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