4 Door Rocket



For my second blog post I will be discussing a personal favorite, the BMW 535i. This particular model is a white 2015 with black interior. It also has the M sport package which adds M emblems throughout the car, an M steering wheel, larger rims and a more aerodynamic/aggressive body style. This car has a 3.0L 6-cylinder (V6) engine, with 300hp and weighs in at a hefty 4,090lbs. I love the look of this particular model and it drives amazingly. The car has a sleek look, but its build in the front and back is very aggressive. I especially like the white coloring on this car because it makes the black accents and red head/taillights really pop out. Since this model has the M sport package, there are also very subtle silver accents all around the car which makes it look even better.


The way this car performs on road is the best I have ever experienced (although currently I have only driven eight different cars). First off, it is a lot faster than I was expecting. It has a very quick acceleration, but it’s so smooth you can barely even feel it. The handling and tight steering on this car is what I am most impressed with. Cutting corners while accelerating or at high speeds is so easy and smooth in this car, I am worried I might swerve off the road when I get back in the Land Rover. I also love to play around with the manual shifting paddles on curvy roads to really get the cars full kick. In the car there are four different driving modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Sport+. The drive in “Comfort” is very easy and has a smooth acceleration. In “Sport” and “Sport+”, the car noticeably has a much more effective torque. In this mode whether you are manually shifting or just in drive, the change between gears has a large kick to it.


The media interface on this car is great. It looks cool and is easily controlled by one joystick type button. It’s sound system is the Harmon Kardon Logic 7, which sounds great especially when you’re playing downloaded music off your phone through bluetooth.


Overall this car is great and has very impressive driving capabilities.



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