Street Legal Tank


This car is a white V8 LR3 HSE with light interior. It has 300HP with an eight cylinder engine (V8). It definitely needs it considering it is one of the heaviest stock cars on the road weighing in at 5,796lbs. This model is the replacement for the original Land Rover Discovery, and was then replaced by the LR4 in 2010. Personally, I really like the look and drive of this car. It is very beefy on the outside, with a nice grill and headlights. I also really like the look of the rear because it is so different than other cars. It has a similar look to the full size range rover because of the straight up and down tail lights, but the LR3 has a tailgate opening.


My favorite and least favorite part about the car is the way it drives. A positive thing is the steering. It is very tight and smooth, and can turn a corner easily. Another thing that is great is its suspension, it is a very smooth ride on all roads including uneven and bumpy ones. The eight cylinder engine has quite an unexpected kick to it when you accelerate from a stop, which makes this car very touchy. A negative thing is the size. It is a very large car that takes effort to drive, and sometimes I find myself drifting over street lines. For quick rides around town and parking, it isn’t great.


The seven seats can fit a lot of people while still leaving a comfortable amount of room. And, this car is a beast for off-roading. It has several different automated modes that fit to the terrain and weather you are in, and a live display of 4×4 info on how your suspension is being affected in the current moment.


I myself love this car because of all the things I can use it for. Its perfect for my thirteen foot paddle board to go on top of. Its trunk is also really big so my dog, surfboards and golf clubs can easily fit. And, its Harman Kardon Logic 7 sound system is amazing compared to other cars I have heard. Overall, this car is extremely fun with tons of capabilities.


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