Convertible Carrera

This is a Porsche 911 Carrera 4 Cabriolet. The “Cabriolet” means convertible. Inside this lightweight car’s trunk is a very powerful engine that can make it fly. It has a naturally aspirated V6 3.6 litre engine, that produces 320 horsepower and it weighs in at just 3,197 lbs. The “4” after Carrera means 4wd. Because this model of the Carrera is AWD it creates much better traction, handling, and launch off the start. There is no worries of drifting like the typical RWD Porsche is famous for. The dual-stage resonance air intake system helps boost power and torque at midrange engine speeds. This particular model is equipped with triptonic shifters on the steering wheel to allow easy and quick gear changes.

On to the look of the car, the Carrera 4 embodies the classic 911 look and style throughout. This model is a cabriolet, with a rare navy blue soft top colorway. The process of going from covered to convertible is as easy as the push of a button that electrically removes or puts up the soft cover. On the interior it is a rare leather navy blue colorway with a navy leather blue dashboard too. Also the car is equipped with two small seats behind the passenger and driver seat that can be accessed by putting the front seats down, allowing the car to seat a total of four passengers. The exterior of the car is a light metallic silver all over, with large exhaust pipes on each side of the rear, bi-xenon headlights, and specialty Porsche factory rims.

On to the drive of the car, in my opinion it is great. It drives and feels like no other car because Porsche’s engines are in the trunk instead of the hood. Its quickness is sometimes scary and easy to lose control of. By far the most impressive part for me is its handling. It turns on a dime and you barely have to even move the steering wheel, its AWD makes you feel like you are part of the pavement. When driving in triptonic, the second you enter into the 3000+ rpm range is when the car really hits. Oh and let me not forget about the amazing yell it gives while flying down the road.

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