SL Coupe

This is the Mercedes Benz SL500 coupe. This model is a 2003 hardtop. The Mercedes SL class has always been known to be their top of the line performance and speed car. This car has a 5 litre 8 cylinder engine under its hood, its drive type is rear wheel. It produces 302hp, which may not seem like a lot for such a highly ranked car but is plenty for its light weight of 4,045lbs. It gets a somewhat impressive gas mileage of 15 city/22 highway, and its torque is 339 Lb-ft. All of these stats may seem like they would produce a racing machine, but the times don’t show it. Its 0-60 is 6.0 seconds, which may not seem terrible for the era, and its not. But several other cars in this price range during this era could easily beat that, even a 4-door big and burly Maserati made a quicker time than that. Now lets look at how this roadster compares to other cars with its style.

The SL500 is very elegant and classy. It is the type of car you would look at and want to cruise down a highway in. This particular model of the SL500 has a silver body, silver rims, and a light gray leather interior. 2003 marked a major body and style change with the SL500, prior to the 2003 was the 2002 and it had a completely different body look. The change was praised by car reviewers and enthusiasts everywhere, as it pushed the auto worlds styling in a different direction. Kelly Blue Book rated this car as 8.9/10 stars and rated the car as 4/5 stars with “exterior styling” as its highest rated part at 5/5 stars.

Most of the complaints that come when talking of the 2003 SL500 is maintenance costs. With many people reporting engine problems that are very expensive to fix. Along with being unimpressed in its handling and braking performance. Overall this car’s key component is its style. Especially at the time, for 2003 this car pushed boundaries on styling and stood out on the road. Even much later today, the car can still hold its own and be viewed as a luxury sports car.


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