4-Door SL

This car is a 2005 Mercedes Benz 4 door sedan C320. It has a 3.2L v6 engine and produces a decent 215 horsepower. The most surprising spec of the car is its surprising MPG. For 2005, a Mercedes that does up to 20 city/26 highway miles per gallon is respectable. Kelly Blue Book gave the car a good rating of 8.2/10 stars, with its highest rating of 8.8 for “styling”.

This car was bought by my friend for his first car, and I asked him a few questions:

Why did you choose this car?
“I chose this car because it was well priced and has good gas mileage. It was previously owned by my dads friend who passed away, and he was a big car guy so I knew it would be in good condition. It also has an acceptable amount of miles on it. Also my whole family has always been a Mercedes family, so this fits in nicely.”

Any special stories?
“My first time driving it, I drove for about 20 minutes to Goleta with my dad. The sound system was insane, in the back there is a box just for bass and when you turn it up it shakes the whole car.”

How do you like the drive of it compared to other cars you’ve driven?
“Although I have only driven a couple cars, this one drives my favorite. It has good turning and an overall very smooth ride.”

Coolest feature?
“The interior of the car is definitely the best part. It has plush tan leather seats that are very comfortable and airy. The coolest thing is that at night when you open the door to the car, a neon project of the Mercedes Benz logo lights on the ground.”

After getting an up close look at the car and hearing my friends opinion on it, I definitely think this is a pretty cool car. The look of it represents classic Mercedes and the grill and headlights imitate the powerful Mercedes SLR. I would recommend this car to anyone whos budget suits it, and I think that it will work out nicely as Mateo’s first car.

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