American Beast

This is a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sport. Some consider this car “the mother of off-roading”, and I can definitely see why. I really like this exact model in particular.  I have driven a Jeep Grand Cherokee several times, and have never been impressed by its performance, look, and comfort driving feel. So, I usually am not super excited about Jeep but this one is an exception.

This car is a gloss black exterior, black interior, and black rims. I like how it is a coupe, too. I have always thought that the two-door Wranglers are much cooler looking than the four-door. This Jeep also is a convertible, which is awesome. It has huge fat tires and beefy rims that raise the car and make it look much more intimidating. The jeeps metal black grill look great with its bright headlights. It also has huge matte fender flares, which complete its burly look.

Now if your talking off-roading, the Jeep Wrangler is a beast. has this to say about its off-roading skills, “Its body-on-frame construction is the right prescription for resisting off-road punishment, and available features such as underbody skidplates, rigid front and rear axles with locking differentials, hill-descent control, the ability to electronically disconnect the front anti-roll bar, ample ground clearance, short wheelbases, and approach and departure angles designed for serious rock-crawling make the Wrangler a champ in terrain that would rip the guts out of lesser SUVs. ” Also, awarded the Jeep Wrangler as “4×4 of the Decade”.

Also associated with this car are a lot of problems. Jeep Wranglers are known to be a struggle to drive. Their pavement and road handling is “sub-par”. They are also known to have a very uncomfortable ride, cramped rear seats, and poor fuel economy. So this car may not be what you want if you are looking for an easy smooth drive. says this about the Jeep Wrangler’s weaknesses, “Because it has several weaknesses and only a couple of true strengths, the Wrangler finishes near the bottom of our compact SUV rankings. It’s more expensive than many class rivals, offers fewer tech features than most competitors, earns middling results in crash tests, and has a below-average reliability rating.”

Personally, I love this look of this car and I think it is definitely worth it if your looking for a young, fun, take to the beach, around town car.


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