CLS550’s little brother

This is a 2016 Mercedes Benz CLA250 4 door sedan. This car has a gloss black exterior with silver rims. The exterior of this car is very similar to a car I previously did a post on, the CLS550. Although it is less than half the price, there are many similarities. The body is very thin and bubbly. It is a very small car for a 4 door, especially as Mercedes go. The general body shape, headlights, tail lights, grill, rear, etc are very similar to the CLS550. The only problem I have with this exact car are its rims. They are very basic and look pretty cheap. On the interior, it is a black leather with dark wood trimming. The inside of this car is small, but comfortable for 4 people and a little scrunched for 5. The interior is a standard Mercedes, very nice. It has a nice layout and control system for music too. Another cool feature is the ambient lighting that comes on at night. Every seats headrest has a light in its concave that frequently changes colors from the rainhow. It definitely makes the car seem more fun. Overall, this cars look seems very appealing to young people.

As for the drive of the car, it was similar to my previous blog posts car, the Mercedes Benz C300. Because the car is a lower level Mercedes than the C300, I was pleased with its driving performance. I didn’t have very high expectations for the car before I tried driving it. My favorite part about the cars performance is that it is such an easy drive. It is very zippy and good for around town, especially in a city. The difficulty of driving it compares to a golf cart. When I put it into Sport + mode, I was a little dissapointed. The steering was a little loose, and I didn’t feel like I could turn corners hard without losing some traction. This car is equipped with paddle shifters, which I used while in Sport mode. Even though I wasn’t blown away by the cars performance, I will admit that it is a funner, easier, and more responsive drive than the C300.

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