German Class

This is a 2016 Mercedes Benz C300 4 door sedan. This particular color has a seemingly eggshell white exterior, and a white aeron leather interior. Personally, I really love the look of this car. It has a nice wide body and very strong grill. The front of it reminds me of a Mercedes SL550 because of its grill and width. The back of this car is probably my favorite part. The back is very bubbly and round and features nice headlights. The headlights are in a kind of leaf shape and wrap around to the side of the car. The exhaust pipes are also very nice. Instead of being normal tube shaped, there are two large smooth rectangular holes, this exhaust pipe design is new for Mercedes.

On the interior there is a very nice white aeron leather shaping all the 5 seats. In my opinion, Mercedes always creates very beautiful interiors. The wood trimming on this and contrast that comes from having a black leather steering wheel all looks very nice. Also, the air conditioning vents have an interesting shape, and there is a floating monitor where all the settings and radio stations are displayed. The car feels roomy inside the front, and back.

As for the drive of the car, I was not as impressed. I had pretty high expectations for this car because of its beautiful sporty and expensive look. The main problem I had with it was the steering. It felt very loose around corners and did not really tighten until I got on the freeway, putting it in the Sport+ mode surprisingly did not help with the steering much. As for acceleration, it did not feel very smooth. This car even featured paddle shifts on the steering wheel. I used them in Sport+ mode and it was a decent drive. The RPM’s went up very fast, but the car didn’t get up with them.

Overall I think the car is a good buy for its great price, starting at $40,000. If your looking for an easy and smooth drive in a beautiful car with great amenities and technology, I would recommend it but don’t expect much when you want it to perform.


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