GT Kai

This is a Volkswagen MK4 GTI. This car is owned by a personal friend of mine, Tye, and is his first car. This particular GTI is the coupe model. It features a hatchback trunk, perfect for all of Tye’s surfboards. It is a gloss silver exterior with a black leather interior. I know that this car also has many aftermarket upgrades, so I will let the owner tell more about it.

I asked the owner a few questions:

1. Type of Car?

This is a a Volkswagen MK4 GTI. This is the last year of the 1.8 liter Turbo before Volkswagen swapped it with a 2.0 turbo in the MK5. The reliability of the 1.8 T is what led me to buy a MK4 over a MK5.

2. Aftermarket performance parts?

I have done quite a few modifications to the car. Right when I got the car I blew up the turbo. Because of this, I decided to upgrade the turbo and put a much bigger one in. This resulted in a nice power gain. Since I put a bigger K04 turbo in, I had to do some supporting modifications to sustain the power. One of which was a HPS cold air intake. This was my favorite modification I have done to the car because every time you let off the gas you get lots of cool turbo noises. I also really like this modification because it results in a 25 hp gain. I have also upgraded all of the oil and cooling tubing in the car.

3. Aftermarket body parts?

The only aftermarket body parts I have upgraded on the car are the headlights. I have upgraded them with ecs glass headlights. I did so the car would look nice and so the lights would shine nice and bright.

4. Why did you choose this car?

I chose this car because it is sporty yet reliable. Being my first car, it was what I could afford at the time and it was the best bang for my buck. I really enjoy it, and it puts a smile on my face every time I drive it. I highly recommend a MK4 GTI as a first car for anyone because of its practicality and drive ability.

5. Fastest you have ever gone?

I haven’t gone outrageously fast in this car yet, but I have gone fast enough.

6. Any special stories?

This wasn’t my first choice on the car I wanted believe it or not. There were multiple cars I was looking at before I got my GTI but they all sold before I could make an offer. So, I ended up buying the GTI with the intentions of driving it for a year and selling it. For that reason I have not modified it too heavily so I don’t waste all of my money. I am currently saving up for my next car, which I plan to do a full track build on and show at car shows/meets.

7. Specifications of the car?

Horsepower: 225 – Torque: 215 – Weight: 2934 lbs – 0 to 60mph: 6.2 second

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