British Beast


This is the 2016 full size Range Rover, by Land Rover. The full sized Range Rover is considered the nicest of all the cars Land Rover makes, and it is the most expensive. This particular version of the Range Rover is the 5.0L Supercharged V8, which is the best you can get. The other option this car has is a 3.0L V6 engine. The curb weight comes in at a large 5,137lbs, and has a towing capacity of 7,716lbs. Its huge engine produces 510 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. It has an 8-speed transmission too. The car’s 0-60 mph acceleration is 5.1 seconds. Which is insane for the huge size of it.

The Range Rover is an amazing off road car. It’s very advanced technology makes driving up a mountain face about as hard as driving on a freeway. says this about the Range Rover, “Riding on the most capable suspension not currently exploring Mars—and decorated inside like Balmoral Castle’s library—the Range Rover is refined, serene, and elegant.”

I asked the owner a few questions:

1. Why did you choose this car?

“Good midsize car that’s comfortable, has great amenities and has lots of power.”

2. Did you design it yourself?

“Yes, I custom ordered it and chose all the designs.”

3. What did you drive previous to it?

“My previous car was a 2013 Range Rover, so this is similar”

4. Ever been off roading with it?

“I have never been off roading with this car, but my husband certainly has.”

5. Favorite part of the car?

“Best part about this car is the license plate. So fun to watch people figure it out and always get a laugh!”

My personal opinion of this car is completely positive, especially this exact one. I really like the overall design. Its gloss black body, black leather seats and monstrous 22” black rims come together very well. The full size range rover has always been my favorite luxury suv, and after learning more and getting an up close look, my thoughts on it are even better.

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