American Muscle

This is the pure American muscle made 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT. This beefy coupe weighs in at 4,240lbs. It has a huge 6.4 litre Hemi V8 engine that produces a respectable 485 horsepower. It can make a jump from 0-60 mph in just 4.4 seconds, which is outstanding considering the car is priced at $49,000.

The look of this car is what really grabs your attention. Its wide body style, large rims, and beefy shape all come together to make it a pretty scary looking car. The colorway of this particular model could not be any better in my opinion. The gloss black with the chrome racing stripe down the center really come together nicely. Along with its chrome rims and of course, the red brake calipers.

I asked the owner a few questions:

Why did you choose this car?

“I chose this car because it was the nicest Challenger I have ever seen. Certainly the nicest on the lot. I feel it is the coolest of all the modern muscle cars. At the time, I was actually looking for an old corvette stingray when I bought it, but the look and all of the modern conveniences won me over. Ever time I get in the car and drive it, I smile. I just love it!”

Are there any aftermarket performance or body parts that you added?

“The only after market part I put in it is a Burton 6 speed close ratio shifter. There are no after market body or style parts.”

What did you drive prior to the Challenger?

“Before I bought it I drove a Jeep, which I still have and my girlfriend drives. I also have two motorcycles, but since I bought this car, I hardly ever ride them anymore. This car is that much fun!”

Fastest you have ever gone?

“The fastest I have ever driven this car is a little over 100 miles per hour. The top speed is 185. It gets to 100 miles per hour REALLY FAST!”

The Dodge Challenger has always personally been my favorite muscle car. After getting a close look into it and learning more about it, I definitely love it even more.


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