Italian Beauty

This is a 2016 Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. This rear wheel drive beast has a naturally aspirated 6.3litre V12 engine that produces 731 horsepower. Its 3,593lb can go from 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds. Its transmission is a 7-speed dual clutch automatic, and the car’s top speed is over 211 mph. The F12 has won “best supercar of the year” from several different brands in the past few years. Ferrari added many of their Formula 1 technologies into this car, which is why it is more impressive than other supercars in its category. This particular model was custom designed by the owner, and I personally love every style aspect about it. Its black exterior, beige interior, and silver rims all come together beautifully.

I asked the owner a few questions:

How did you purchase it?

“I custom designed it, which is a very big process. They ask you every single little detail about it.”

Why did you choose this car?

“Prior to this I had a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. The thing that impressed me the most about this car, is the transmission. It is dual clutch and paddle shifters. So basically, years ago you had a stick on the ground and used your feet as a clutch. Then the paddle shifter technology came along. And now, in this car you have two clutches, one initiates and the other picks it up. When you accelerate, you don’t feel any kick or abrupt force when you put it to the metal. It is completely smooth. It sounds awesome, there’s just something about the way Ferraris sound that has always gotten me. Everything about it makes it awesome.”

Why do you like this better than your previous Maserati Gran Turismo?

“That car is a completely different experience, the Maserati is a bullet train and this is a rocket.”

Top speed you have hit?

“Really fast, that is all I will say.”

The Ferrari F12 has always been tied with the GTC4Lusso (or FF) as my favorite Ferrari. But, after learning more about it and getting up close views, I think the F12 beats the GTC4Lusso. This car can be yours for only $320,000.

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